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Anti-disassemble watch buckle and a method of operating the same
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1. A watch buckling system having an anti-disassemble watch buckle and a disassemble tool, the anti-disassemble watch buckle comprising:
a bottom housing and a top housing with an in-between space for accommodating a first strap, the anti-disassemble watch buckle having a first end and a second end being opposite to the first end; and
a cantilever snap with a rear end fastened to the bottom housing at the first end, and with a front end hung in the in-between space;
wherein the bottom housing has a protruding part facing the cantilever snap and the first end, and the top housing has a through hole;
wherein the disassemble tool is used to compress the front end of the cantilever snap away from the in-between space via the through hole of the top housing, until the front end of the cantilever snap presses against the protruding part.