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1. A support frame which includes
a forehead section corresponding to a user's forehead, and
left and right straps extended from two sides of the forehead section respectively; and
an adjustment assembly disposed between the left and right straps for adjustment of length of the left and right straps;
wherein the adjustment assembly includes a base, a rotating member, a toothed disc, and two connecting strips; the base is provided with a mounting space, a positioning pin arranged at the center of the mounting space, a circular flange disposed on an outer wall of the mounting space, a positioning teeth portion formed circularly on an upper part of an inner wall of the mounting space, and two notches formed on two opposite positions of a wall of the mounting space respectively; the rotating member consists of a snap portion at the center thereof, a positioning hole disposed in the snap portion for mounting and positioning the positioning pin therein and allowing the rotating member to be mounted in the mounting space, a radial teeth portion disposed on a surface of one end of the rotating member and located around the snap portion, and the two connecting strips located corresponding to the notches for being mounted into the notches and connected to the left and right straps respectively; the toothed disc is provided with a mounting hole which the snap portion is mounted therein or released therefrom, a first teeth portion arranged around the mounting hole and used being engaged with the radial teeth portion, and at least one elastic locking tooth portion corresponding to the positioning teeth portion; an outer cap covering the base and composed of a plurality of locking and positioning member arranged at an inner wall thereof for fixing the toothed disc therein, a protruding locking block disposed on the inner wall thereof and engaged with the circular flange of the base correspondingly, and indentations on the wall thereof for allowing the connecting strips to pass through, and
a head cushion disposed on the forehead section of the support frame; wherein the forehead section includes a straight segment, an upper elastic portion and a lower elastic portion extending upward and downward from the straight segment respectively;
elastic curved portions being formed on connection between the upper elastic portion and the straight segment as well as connection between the lower elastic portion and the straight segment, a room formed between the elastic curved portion and the head cushion, not any portion of the head cushion located in the room, the upper elastic portion is provided with a plurality of upper elastic pieces and an upper notch is formed between the two adjacent upper elastic pieces; the lower elastic portion includes a plurality of lower elastic pieces and a lower notch is formed between the two adjacent lower elastic pieces; the upper notches and the lower notches are arranged in a staggered manner; the left side and the right side of the forehead section are both provided with an upper hole and a lower hole while the head cushion is provided with fasteners for being fastened with the upper and the lower holes correspondingly.