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Methods of disassembling apparel products having disulfide adhesives
Caglar Remzi Becer, Rugby (GB); Daniel John Mackinnon, Great Yeldham (GB); and Yongqiang Li, Sunnyvale, CA (US)
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1. A method of disassembling an apparel product, comprising:
exposing an adhesive of the apparel product to a composition having an acidic or basic pH, the adhesive being disposed at least partially between a major component and a minor component of the apparel product, the adhesive comprising a material having a disulfide bond, the major component forming a base portion of the apparel product and formed to be supported and worn at least partially over a portion of a wearer, and the minor component forming a secondary portion configured to be coupled to the major component with the adhesive; and
separating the major component from the minor component adjoined by the adhesive.