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Vaporizer system
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1. A vaporizer system comprising:
a. a cartridge section, wherein the cartridge section further includes a cartridge connector connecting to a resistance heater formed as a coil, a resistance temperature detector, and a cartridge section cryptography chip;
b. a battery section, wherein the battery section connects to the cartridge section at the cartridge connector;
c. a battery mounted within the battery section, wherein the battery section further includes a microcontroller unit with a memory, wherein the microcontroller unit is electrically connected to a resistance temperature detector converter, wherein the resistance temperature detector converter is electrically connected to the resistance temperature detector when the battery section is connected to the cartridge section at the cartridge connector;
d. a power board, wherein the power board includes coil power MOSFET, wherein the coil power MOSFET is configured to control a battery output to a coil power that passes through the cartridge connector from the battery section to the cartridge section, wherein the coil power heats the coil; and
e. a current sense resistor mounted in the battery section, wherein the current sense resistor senses current of the coil power.