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Atomization assembly and electronic cigarette comprising the same
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1. An electronic cigarette, comprising an atomization assembly, a battery assembly, and a base assembly, wherein
the atomization assembly comprises a heating module; the heating module comprises a sleeve, a filter screen, a container, a support, and a ceramic core; the ceramic core comprises three or more heating elements connected in parallel; the ceramic core is fixed on the support the container is disposed on a top end of the ceramic core; the filter screen is disposed on a top opening of the container; when in use, the ceramic core produces heat to heat a smoke material stored in the container;
the base assembly comprises a top surface provided with a first threaded hole and a second threaded hole disposed abreast with each other; the atomization assembly and the battery assembly are disposed side by side in the first threaded hole and the second threaded hole of the base assembly;
the electronic cigarette is in a U-shape comprising one bottom portion and two arm portions disposed on the bottom portion; and
the atomization assembly and the battery assembly are in the two arm portions, respectively; and
the base assembly is in the bottom portion.