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Steviol glycoside compositions
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1. A steviol glycoside food additive composition comprising less than 95% major steviol glycosides and further comprising minor steviol glycosides, wherein the sum of the major steviol glycosides and the minor steviol glycosides is not less than 95% by concentration; wherein
a) the major steviol glycosides consist of Reb A, Stevioside, Reb C, Reb F, Reb D, Rubusoside, Dulcoside A, Reb B and Steviolbioside, and the minor steviol glycosides consist of Reb M, Reb N, Reb O, Reb E, Stevioside A and Reb C2; or
b) the major steviol glycosides consist of Reb D, Reb M, Reb A, Reb B, Reb C, Reb E, Reb F, Stevioside, Steviolbioside, Rubusoside, and Dulcoside A; and wherein the minor steviol glycosides consist of Reb O, Reb N, Reb J, Reb H and Reb K; and wherein
the major steviol glycosides consist of 9 to 11 of the steviol glycosides and each minor steviol glycoside being present in an amount ranging from 0.1 to 5% of the steviol glycoside food additive composition.