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Shaped vegetarian meat product
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1. A shaped vegetarian meat product selected from a sausage or a patty, said meat product comprising:
a) 30-80 wt. % water;
b) 5-35 wt. % oil, said oil having a solid fat content at 20 degrees Celsius (N20) of 1.5-20 wt. %, wherein the oil contains 80-98 wt. % of a liquid vegetable oil selected from the group of sunflower oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil, cottonseed oil, maize oil, olive oil, and combinations thereof and 2-20 wt. % of a high melting oil selected from hydrogenated vegetable oil, palm stearin, palm kernel stearin, palm mid fraction, coconut stearin, butter oil, butter stearin and combinations thereof;
c) 2-25 wt. % protein selected from algal protein, bacterial protein, dairy protein, egg protein, fungal protein, plant protein, and combinations thereof;
d) 0-40 wt. % of one or more particulate ingredients selected from herbs, spices, vegetables and combinations thereof; and
e) 0.3-8 wt. % of salt selected from sodium chloride, potassium chloride and combinations thereof;
wherein the oil comprises oil droplets having an equivalent spherical diameter in the range of 100 micrometer to 1,000 micrometer as determined by means of micro computed tomography, and the vegetarian meat product contains at least 4 vol. % of said oil droplets.