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Vegetarian casing-less smoked sausage
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1. A shaped vegetarian casing-less smoked sausage comprising:
a) 30-80 wt. % water;
b) 5-35 wt. % oil;
c) 2-25 wt. % protein selected from algal protein, bacterial protein, dairy protein, egg protein, fungal protein, plant protein, and combinations thereof;
d) 0-40 wt. % of one or more particulate ingredients selected from herbs, spices, vegetables and combinations thereof;
wherein the vegetarian casing-less smoked sausage comprises less than 5 vol. % air bodies having an equivalent spherical diameter or more than 30 microns, as determined by means of micro computed tomography,
wherein the casing-less smoked sausage has been subjected to a smoke treatment while encased in a gas permeable cellulose casing, with the cellulose casing being subsequently removed.