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Chocolate composition having improved processability, and preparation method therefor
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1. A chocolate composition, comprising cacao mass, cacao butter or cacao butter equivalent (CBE), saccharides containing allulose, and an emulsifier,
wherein the saccharides contain allulose in an amount of 2 to 50 parts by weight based on 100% by weight of the chocolate composition,
wherein the allulose is uniformly dispersed in chocolate, and
wherein the composition comprises particles having a particle size of about 15 to 40 micrometers,
wherein the chocolate composition is prepared by a preparation method comprising:
a step of obtaining a primary conching product by primary conching under a temperature condition of 45 to 60° C., and
a step of secondary conching by adding an emulsifier to the primary conching product under a temperature condition of 45 to 60° C., and
wherein the allulose is provided as a mixed saccharide syrup or a powder form prepared from the mixed saccharide syrup, and the mixed saccharide comprises allulose of 1 to 99.9 parts by weight based on 100 parts by weight of the solid content of the total mixed saccharide, and at least one selected from the group consisting of fructose, glucose and oligosaccharides.