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Equipment comprising a moulding cavity made of porous material, patty forming machine and cavity washing machine comprising such equipment
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1. An equipment for the formation of patties from a food mass, comprising:
a cavity holder;
a cavity arranged so as to be received in the cavity holder, the cavity being made from a material porous to a fluid and comprising an inner face defining a mould for forming a patty and an outer face separated from the inner face by a thickness of porous material;
a clamping tool for clamping the cavity in the cavity holder, wherein the clamping tool is a clamping nut; and
a sealing joint interposed between the cavity and one out of the cavity holder and the clamping tool, the sealing joint being arranged so as to constrain the passage of pressurised fluid through the thickness of porous material, brought onto the outer face, and from the outer face towards the inner face; and
a fluid intake chamber, being partly defined by the outer face of the cavity and being defined by a hollow made in the clamping nut.