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System for rapid cooling and warming of cells and other biological material
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1. A system for cryocooling biological samples, the system comprising:
a first chamber having an upper portion and a lower portion, the lower portion holding and directly contacting a first amount of a cryogenic liquid;
a container holder positioned within the first chamber and in direct contact with the cryogenic liquid within the lower portion of the first chamber;
a removable container inside the first chamber and positioned within and removable from the container holder, the removable container having an exterior surface in direct contact with an interior surface of the container holder, wherein the removable container forms a second chamber holding a second amount of the cryogenic liquid, wherein the cryogenic liquid in the removable container is not in fluid contact with the cryogenic liquid in the first chamber;
an elongated tube holder that holds a hollow elongated tube into the removable container;
a sample holder with a first end opposite a second end supporting a biological sample;
a sample wand that holds and transfers the sample holder with the biological sample into the hollow elongated tube while the hollow elongated tube is in the removable container with the second amount of the cryogenic liquid; and
a translation stage attached to the sample wand and operable to vertically translate the sample holder from an initial position, located above the first chamber, to a final position, located within the removable container with the second amount of the cryogenic liquid such that the sample is fully immersed in the cryogenic liquid.