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Method and device for adjusting aquarium water temperature through direct heat exchange
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1. A water temperature adjustment apparatus for an aquarium, for adjusting a temperature of water contained in the aquarium, the water temperature adjustment apparatus comprising:
a main body detachably mounted to the aquarium;
a heat exchange adjuster provided at a lower portion of the main body and entirely sunk in the water to adjust direct heat exchange with the water;
a smart sensor unit configured to measure the temperature of the water;
a control unit configured to control the heat exchange adjuster to adjust the temperature of the water based on the temperature of the water measured by the smart sensor unit; and
a heat dissipater provided at an upper portion of the heat exchange adjuster to cool heat generated from the heat exchange adjuster,
wherein the heat exchange adjuster includes:
a thermoelectric element configured to be heated or cooled; and
a heat exchange member configured to transfer a heating state or a cooling state of the thermoelectric element to the water while being in close contact with one end surface of the thermoelectric element,
wherein the heat exchange adjuster and the heat dissipater are arranged side by side in the vertical direction to each other,
wherein the main body comprises a first mounting portion and a second mourning portion such that the heat dissipater is mounted on the first mounting portion and the heat exchange adjuster is attached to the second mounting portion,
wherein the second mounting portion has a mounting hole formed at one end, thereof such that the thermoelectric element is inserted and mounted therein, and
wherein a contact portion is provided on an outer circumferential surface of the mounting hole such that the heat exchange member is detachably attached to the contact portion.