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Gas and liquid supply system
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1. A device, comprising:
(a) a hollow tray comprising an upper surface having a plurality of holes, a lower surface connected to a plurality of rotatable discs and having a perimeter and a center; wherein at least one disc is functionally connected to a motor configured to rotate the disc and, by extension, the hollow tray;
(b) a plurality of hollow conduits spaced around the perimeter of the hollow tray, each conduit encasing a piston head connected to a piston rod secured to a bottom tray, the piston heads being freely moveable within the conduit and configured to push air through the hollow conduits and into the center of the hollow tray during rotation of the hollow tray;
(c) a stationary platform having a plurality of holes positioned over the hollow tray; and
(d) a housing that encases the components of (a) and (b) and suspends the stationary platform above the hollow tray.