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Bluetooth low energy tracking tags for cattle tracking
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1. A tracking tag for cattle tracking, comprising:
a near-field communication (NFC) module programmed with a unique identifier;
a battery module coupled to the NFC module and configured to:
supply battery energy when active, and
activate when the NFC module is first read after being programmed with the unique identifier;
a Bluetooth module coupled to the battery module, wherein the Bluetooth module configured to:
receive the battery energy from the battery module, and
transmit the unique identifier using a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) transmission protocol; and
a radio-frequency identification (RFID) chip programmed with the unique identifier, wherein the RFID chip is configured to communicate the unique identifier to an external reader using an ultra-high frequency;
wherein the NFC module is further configured to:
harvest radio-frequency energy from an external reader when the NFC module is first read, and
supply the radio-frequency energy to the Bluetooth module; and
wherein the Bluetooth module is further configured to activate the battery module when the Bluetooth module receives the radio-frequency energy from the NFC module.