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Smart takeoff estimation systems and methods
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OG exemplary drawing
1. A computer-implemented method in which one or more processing devices perform operations comprising:
accessing a three-dimensional architectural file of a building;
extracting architectural data from the three-dimensional architectural file;
rendering, from the architectural data extracted from the three-dimensional architectural file, a two-dimensional drawing representing a floorplan of a floor of the building;
filtering the architectural data to generate a set of filtered data;
storing the set of filtered data in high-availability storage;
overlaying a set of shapes corresponding to a set of assemblies on the two-dimensional drawing;
assigning a set of measurements identified in the set of filtered data to the set of assemblies, wherein assigning a measurement of the set of measurements to an assembly of the set of assemblies comprises modifying a color of a shape corresponding to the assembly to identify the assembly being assigned the measurement; and
compiling values associated with the measurements of the set of assemblies to generate a bid value.