US D1,012,133 S
Engine front cover for construction machine
Dongchul Lee, Incheon (KR); Hokwang Ryu, Incheon (KR); Minki Kim, Incheon (KR); Younsik Bae, Incheon (KR); Yoojeung Lim, Incheon (KR); Eunsook Seo, Incheon (KR); Kwangwee Park, Incheon (KR); and Youngbum Kim, Incheon (KR)
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Term of patent 15 Years
LOC (14) Cl. 15 - 03
U.S. Cl. D15—31
OG exemplary drawing
The ornamental design for an engine front cover for construction machine, as shown and described.