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Method and apparatus for data transmission and reception for network coordinated communication
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1. A method performed by a terminal in a communication system, the method comprising:
receiving, from a first transmission and reception point (TRP), first downlink control information (DCI) scheduling a first physical downlink shared channel (PDSCH);
receiving, from a second TRP, second DCI scheduling a second PDSCH;
receiving, from the first TRP, the first PDSCH based on a first PDSCH demodulation reference signal (DMRS) for the first PDSCH; and
receiving, from the second TRP, the second PDSCH based on a second PDSCH DMRS for the second PDSCH,
wherein the first PDSCH and the second PDSCH are fully or partially overlapped in a time-frequency domain, and
wherein a first DMRS configuration for the first PDSCH DMRS is same for as a second DMRS configuration for the second PDSCH DMRS.