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Technique for performing multi-link communication in wireless communication system
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1. A method used in a wireless local area network (WLAN) system, the method comprising:
transmitting, by a first station (STA) affiliated with a multi-link device (MLD), an Association Request frame through a first link among a plurality of links,
wherein the Association Request frame comprises a link element field related to a second link which is in addition to the first link among the plurality of links, and the link element field carries profile information for a second STA related to the second link,
wherein the link element field includes a first information field related to a link identifier (ID) of the second link and a second information field having a length of 1-bit related to whether complete profile information of the second STA is included in the link element field or partial profile information of the second STA is included in the link element field; and
in response to the Association Request frame, receiving an Association Response frame.