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Microphone structure and electronic device including the same
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1. An electronic device comprising:
a first printed circuit board (PCB);
a second PCB that is disposed to be spaced apart in a first direction from the first PCB and includes a first sound hole;
a microphone module that is disposed on a first surface of the second PCB facing the first PCB so as to connect a microphone hole and receive an external sound through the first sound hole;
a plurality of connection members that are disposed between the first PCB and the second PCB to electrically connect the first PCB and the second PCB and are arranged at different positions with respect to the microphone module;
a cover member that includes a second sound hole, which is formed to be connected to the first sound hole and to open into an outside of the electronic device, and is disposed in the first direction with respect to the second PCB; and
a sound channel that is located between the cover member and the second PCB, the sound channel being configured to connect the first sound hole and the second sound hole.