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Message processing using a client-side control group
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1. A client-side device, comprising:
at least one processor; and
a memory operatively coupled to the at least one processor, the at least one processor configured to:
transmit, over a network, a message request to a messaging server;
receive, at the client-side device, a message response from the messaging server in response to the message request, wherein the message response comprises a message and a messenger identifier;
generate a hash value of an identifier associated with the client-side device and the messenger identifier, wherein the identifier associated with the client-side device specifies a user of the client-side device;
determine the message maps into a control group by determining the hash value maps into the control group; and
transmit a pixel tag to the messaging server based at least in part on the determination that the hash value maps into the control group, wherein the pixel tag comprises an indication that the message was withheld for processing by the client-side device.