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Three-dimensional data encoding method, three-dimensional data decoding method, three-dimensional data encoding device, and three-dimensional data decoding device
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1. A method for encoding three-dimensional data, comprising:
obtaining data with respect to three-dimensional points;
generating an N-ary tree structure representing the three-dimensional points, where N is an integer greater than or equal to 2;
determining referenceable nodes for a current node included in the N-ary tree structure;
generating first information with respect to the determined referenceable nodes; and
encoding the current node referring to neighboring nodes, each of the neighboring nodes being included in the determined referenceable nodes and neighboring the current node in one of a first axis direction, a second axis direction, and a third axis direction,
wherein when the first information indicates a first value, only neighboring nodes located inside a parent node of the current node are determined as the referenceable nodes.