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Low-power high throughput hardware decoder with random block access
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1. A method comprising, by a computing system:
receiving a block comprising a plurality of pixels;
encoding the plurality of pixels by:
arranging the plurality of pixels in a sequence;
generating a delta encoding of the plurality of pixels, the delta encoding comprising (a) a base value and (b) a plurality of delta values having non-zero delta values and zero delta values, each delta value representing a difference between a corresponding pixel in the sequence and a previous pixel in the sequence;
generating a symbol mask indicating whether each of the plurality of delta values is zero or non-zero;
determining, based on magnitudes of the non-zero delta values, a symbol width for encoding each of the non-zero delta values;
generating a sequence of symbols that respectively encode the non-zero delta values using the symbol width;
generating a compression of the block by collating the symbol mask, the symbol width, and the sequence of symbols.