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Method and apparatus processing of message data
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1. A header processing system comprising:
a context memory storing a plurality of rules, each said rule comprising one or more field instructions, each said field instructions comprising a target value and a processing instruction;
a header compression processor adapted to determine for each said rule whether a respective specified region of a data message corresponds to said target value in a respective prescribed manner, and in a case where said respective specified region corresponds to said target value in said respective prescribed manner for each field instruction line in a respective said rule, applying the processing instruction of each field instruction line in a corresponding rule with regard to the respective specified region, wherein a data component processed is defined by said processing instruction,
said header processing system further comprising a controller, said controller being adapted to assess a processing context, and to provide one or more instructions defining an operation of said header compression processor as a function of said processing context,
wherein said data message belongs to one of a plurality of data flows processed by said header processing system, and said processing context comprises an identity of a data flow to which said data message belongs, and
wherein said controller is adapted to determine that available compression rules in the context memory are not well suited to characteristics of an incoming stream, to generate a new rule with regard to historical content of said data message, where said new rule or modified rule provides a compression operation optimized for said historical content, and to provide one or more said instructions to said context memory to modify the content thereof by adding said new rule thereto.