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Access and messaging in a multi client network
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1. A system comprising:
a network configured for message communication using a publish-subscribe network protocol;
a plurality of target client nodes, each target client node having a respective unique object identification (ID), wherein each target client node is configured to: (I) communicatively couple to the network, and (II) receive a message communicated through the network, wherein the message comprises a string ID that comprises a topic string and (i) the respective unique object ID, or (ii) a group ID with which the respective unique object ID is associated;
at least one requesting client node configured to communicatively couple to the network and send the message using the network, and
a broker configured to communicatively couple to the network and route the message through the network to at least one target client node based on the topic string and one or both of the object ID and/or the group IP comprised in the string ID of the message.