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Distributed workload reassignment following communication failure
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1. A system comprising:
at least one processor;
memory operatively connected to the at least one processor and including instructions that are executable by the at least one processor to cause the system to:
generate, by a master node, a first generation identifier associated with a workload;
communicate, by the master node, the first generation identifier to a first worker node, wherein communicating the first generation identifier to the first worked node operates as an assignment of the workload to the first worker node; and
in response to determining that the master node and at least the first worker node are not in communication:
determine whether permissive flags are enabled; and
in response to a determination that the permissive flags are enabled, communicate, by the master node to a second worker node, a permissive flag and a second generation identifier associated with the workload, wherein:
communicating the permissive flag and the second generation identifier to the second node operates as a reassignment of the workload to the second worker node,
the second generation identifier is associated with a priority that is higher than a priority associated with the first generation identifier, and
the permissive flag indicates that the workload should not be reassigned to the second worker node if the first worker node is processing the workload.