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Power-saving sampling receiver with non-coherent sampling with one sample per bit
Frank Oehler, Erlangen (DE); Heinrich Milosiu, Erlangen (DE); Norbert Weber, Erlangen (DE); Michael Geyer, Erlangen (DE); Dieter Frühsorger, Erlangen (DE); Gralf Popken, Erlangen (DE); and Thomas Thönes, Erlangen (DE)
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1. Data receiver, comprising:
a sampler,
a correlator, and
a detector,
wherein the data receiver is configured to receive a signal comprising a sequence of N bits so as to acquire a reception signal, wherein N is a natural number greater than or equal to eight, N≥8,
wherein the sampler is configured to sample the reception signal with a sampling rate that corresponds, with an intentional deviation of up to 2/N, to one sample value per bit of the sequence of N bits so as to acquire a sequence of received bits,
wherein the correlator is configured to correlate the sequence of received bits with K different sequences of N−1 reference bits so as to acquire K partial correlation results, wherein K is smaller than or equal to N−1 and greater than or equal to three, N−1≥K≥3,
wherein the K different sequences of reference bits are differently punctured versions of the same base sequence of N reference bits,
wherein the detector is configured to detect the sequence of N bits when at least one of the K partial correlation results exceeds a detection threshold.