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Trimming operational amplifiers
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1. A system comprising:
an operational amplifier (op-amp) with adjustable operational parameters, and a trimming module;
wherein the trimming module adjusts the operational parameters of the op-amp based on a memory value to compensate for an offset voltage of the op-amp;
wherein the trimming module comprises a successive approximation register (SAR) logic that controls the memory value, the SAR logic being configured to detect a given memory value that causes an output voltage of the op-amp to be within a predetermined voltage interval when applying a predetermined common mode voltage to inverting and non-inverting inputs of the op-amp; and
wherein the SAR logic comprises conducting a first number of iterations for determining coarse bits of the memory value and conducting a second number of iterations for determining remaining fine bits of the memory value, wherein the first number of iterations are conducted at a first clock cycle duration, and wherein the second number of iterations are conducted at a second clock cycle duration, the first clock cycle duration being shorter than the second clock cycle duration.