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Adamantine semiconductor and uses thereof
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1. An adamantine semiconductor comprising:
a first element being from one of the following groups: VIII, VII, VI, V, IV, III, II, Ī or 0; and
at least two other elements, the at least two other elements being from at least one of:
i) at least one of group I, II, III, IV, V, VI, or VII; or
ii) elements that are not formally being from group I, II, III, IV, V, VI, or VII but have the same oxidation state as the elements that are from the at least one of group I, II, III, IV, V, VI, or VII,
wherein the semiconductor has a closed-shell structure with equal numbers of cations and anions and an average of 4 valence electrons per atom, and wherein the adamantine semiconductor has a structure in accordance with a quaternary family being from one of (0-I-II-VII3), (Ī-I-III-VII3), (II-I-IV-VII3), (III-I-V-VII3), (IV-I-VI-VII3), (II-II-III-VII3), (III-II-IV-VII3), (IV-II-V-VII3), (IV-III-IV-VII3), (V-II-VI-VII3), (V-III-V-VII3), (VI-III-VI-VII3), (VI-IV-V-VII3), (VII-IV-VI-VII3), (VIII-V-VI-VII3), 0-I2-II-VII4, 02-I-III-VII4, Ī-I2-III-VII4, Ī2-I-V-VII4, Ī-I-II2-VII4, Ī2-II-IV-VII4, II-I2-IV-VII4, II2-II-VI-VII4, II2-III-V-VII4, III-I2-V-VII4, III-II2-III-VII4, III2-IV-VI-VII4, III-I-III2-VII4, IV-I2-VI-VII4, IV-II2-IV-VII4, IV-II-III2-VII4, V-II2-V-VII4, V-I-IV2-VII4, VI-III2-IV-VII4, VI-II2-VI-VII4, VII-I-V2-VII4, VII-III-IV2-VII4, VII-I-V2-VII4, VIII-II-V2-VII4, VIII-III2-VI-VII4, (0-I-V-VI3), (0-II-IV-VI3), (Ī-III-IV-VI3), (Ī-II-V-VI3), (II-III-V-VI3), (III-IV-V-VI3), 0-II-III2-VI4, 0-II2-IV-VI4, Ī-II2-V-VI4, Ī-I-IV2-VI4, II-II-IV-VI4, II-III2-IV-VI4, III-III-IV2-VI4, III-III2-V-VI4, VI-III-V2-VI4, VI-IV-V2-VI4.