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Semiconductor package with dams
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1. A device comprising:
a package substrate having top and bottom major package substrate surfaces, the top major package surface includes a die attach region;
a die having a second major die surface attached to the die attach region, wherein a first major die surface of the die includes a sensor region and a die adhesive region surrounding the sensor region;
a cover adhesive disposed on the die adhesive region, wherein the cover adhesive comprises an adhesive height;
a protective cover attached to the die by the cover adhesive, the protective cover forms a cavity over the sensor region, wherein the adhesive height defines a cavity height of the cavity; and
a cavity dam structure, the dam structure is disposed on the first major die surface between an inner periphery of the die adhesive region and the sensor region, the cavity dam structure surrounds the sensor region to prevent the cover adhesive from bleeding beyond the dam structure into the sensor region.