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Preparation method of ring-shaped sintered Nd—Fe—B magnet and its moulding die
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1. A method for preparing a ring-shaped sintered Nd—Fe—B magnet, comprising the following steps:
step a) providing a moulding die for a ring-shaped sintered Nd—Fe—B magnet including a main block, an upper indenter, a lower indenter, and a mould cavity,
the main block including two opposite non-magnetically conductive side plates and two opposite magnetic side plates;
in the space formed between the two non-magnetic side plates and the two magnetic side plates, there is provided the lower indenter and the upper indenter, wherein the lower indenter is at the bottom of the space, the upper indenter is at the top of the space, and the mould cavity is located between the upper and lower indenters;
step b) placing a Nd—Fe—B magnetic powder into the mould cavity of the moulding die in a loosely packed state, the loosely packed height of the Nd—Fe—B magnetic powder is L;
step c) placing a flexible cylindrical core into the loosely packed Nd—Fe—B magnetic powder at a L/2 position, wherein an axial direction of the flexible cylindrical core is horizontal and parallel to the direction of a magnetic field in the mould cavity;
step d) applying a vertical pressure to the Nd—Fe—B magnetic powder to obtain a ring-shaped green block assembly with the flexible cylindrical core embedded therein;
step e) after encapsulating and isolating the ring-shaped green block assembly, applying an isostatic pressure to the ring-shaped green block assembly;
step f) sintering the ring-shaped green block assembly to obtain a ring-shaped sintered blank; and
step g) thermally aging, grinding and slicing the ring-shaped sintered blank to obtain the ring-shaped sintered Nd—Fe—B magnet; the flexible cylindrical core is formed from powders of alumina and/or zirconia, which are bonded with an organic adhesive, and the strength of the flexible cylindrical core is lower than that of the sintered green block; and in the sintering step, the flexible cylindrical core can soften and shrink.