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Display device with self-adjusting power supply
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1. A display device comprising:
a power supply generating a first power voltage, a second power voltage, and a third power voltage;
a first power line to which the first power voltage is applied;
a second power line to which the second power voltage is applied;
a readout line to which the third power voltage is applied;
a timing controller calculating a load of input image data, and generating image data by scaling a first data value in the input image data to a second data value based on the load;
a data driver generating a data signal based on the second data value of the image data and providing the third power voltage provided from the power supply to the readout line;
a display panel including a pixel, wherein the pixel includes a light emitting element connected between the first power line and the second power line, a switching transistor connected between one electrode of the light emitting element and the readout line, and a driving transistor controlling an amount of driving current flowing from the first power line through the light emitting element to the second power line based on a voltage difference between the data signal and the third power voltage,
wherein the third power voltage initializes the pixel,
wherein the power supply changes a voltage level of the third power voltage based on a comparison of a first reference current value and a total current flowing from the power supply through the first power line to the display panel according to the first and second power voltages, and
wherein the first reference current value is preset.