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Method and device for detecting fall accident by using sensor in low power state
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1. An electronic device comprising:
an inertia sensor;
an atmospheric pressure sensor;
a processor operatively connected to the inertia sensor, the atmospheric pressure sensor, and a memory; and
the memory operatively connected to the processor,
wherein the memory is configured to store instructions which, when executed, cause the processor to:
acquire acceleration sensing data from the inertia sensor, wherein the acceleration sensing data acquired by the inertia sensor includes a local frame value corresponding to a relative coordinate system, and atmospheric pressure sensing data from the atmospheric pressure sensor;
convert the acceleration sensing data from a local frame to a navigation frame;
extract a value less than 0, as a gravity direction feature from an upward value of the acceleration sensing data converted into the navigation frame;
sense the occurrence of movement of the electronic device with a direction of gravity, with reference to a peak of the gravity direction feature;
sense whether the electronic device has fallen based on the acceleration sensing data and the atmospheric pressure sensing data;
perform a first process for determining a fall accident based on a gravity-free section and a second process for determining a fall accident based on a difference value between gravity direction features after an impact timepoint, when it is determined that the electronic device has fallen; and
determine a user has fallen, when it is determined that the fall accident has happened based on the first process and the second process.