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System and method for utilizing heat maps for traffic and compliance reporting
James Allan Douglas Cameron, Fredericton (CA); Matthew Aaron Rogers Carle, Fredericton (CA); and Jonathan Taylor Millar, Fredericton (CA)
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1. A system for using video surveillance system for traffic and compliance reporting comprising:
an image detection device to capture video images;
a computer processor to process the video images;
a software module to analyze frames of the video images and identify objects of interest;
a plurality of database to store data;
a notification module to send a notification; and
a user interface to provide a dashboard, the user interface configured for visualizing the data from the software module;
wherein the user interface monitors traffic pattern for vehicles and monitor people for personal protective equipment (PPE) compliance;
wherein the user interface provides heat map visualizations from the video images captured from the image detection device;
wherein the dashboard is further configured to provide visualization data on total scans, traffic reporting and total visitors over duration of date and time on the user interface;
wherein the plurality of database is selected from a list consisting of a person location database, a PPE database and a threat detection database;
wherein the software module further comprises a homographic transform module configured to validate and verify the objects of interest with values of the person location database hash store, PPE detection database hash store or threat detection database hash store.