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Method and system for leaf age estimation based on morphological features extracted from segmented leaves
Prakruti Vinodchandra Bhatt, Thane West (IN); Sanat Sarangi, Thane West (IN); Srinivasu Pappula, Hyderabad (IN); and Avil Saunshi, Bangalore (IN)
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1. A processor implemented method comprising the steps of:
receiving, via one or more hardware processors, an image including one or more leaves that need to be monitored;
segmenting, via the one or more hardware processors, the received image to identify veins in the one or more leaves, wherein identifying veins comprises:
performing edge detection on the received image to obtain edges representative of veins and contours of the one or more leaves;
determining straight lines from the obtained edges; and
identifying the determined straight lines as veins if a difference between average pixel intensity on either side of the straight lines is lesser than an empirically determined first threshold;
obtaining, via the one or more hardware processors, a de-veined image by replacing each pixel on the identified veins with an average pixel intensity of neighboring pixels;
selecting, via the one or more hardware processors, a seed point for each of the one or more leaves using distance transform on a binary image of the de-veined image; and
performing region growing, via the one or more hardware processors, using an k-neighborhood method, to obtain contours of one or more full leaves, wherein the region growing starts from the seed point selected for each of the one or more leaves.