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Spectral hint-based inpainting of images
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1. A computer-implemented method comprising:
obtaining an input image tensor of image data, the input image tensor comprising a known region and a missing region, wherein the known region comprises a plurality of known pixel data units and the missing region comprises a plurality of unknown pixel data units;
transforming the input image tensor of the image data into a spectral tensor of the image data wherein one or more of: row values or column values, of each matrix in the input image tensor are provided as a sequence of pixel data values in a spatial domain for which corresponding frequency values are determined in a frequency domain;
modifying the spectral tensor of the image data to generate a filtered spectral tensor of the image data at least by applying a filter, having a plurality of weights, on the spectral tensor;
wherein one or more weights of the plurality of weights of the filter are determined at least in part by a machine learning algorithm;
generating output image data, at least in part, by transforming the filtered spectral tensor into the spatial domain;
using the known region of the input image tensor and based, at least in part, on a region, of the output image data, that corresponds to the missing region of the input image tensor, generating a final output image.