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Reconstruction of MR images by means of wave-CAIPI
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1. A method for MR-based reconstruction of images of a patient, the method comprising:
monitoring whether a value of a movement of the patient in at least one motion direction during an MR scan exceeds a respective threshold value;
performing reconstruction with a Wave-CAIPI method on a basis of identical calibrated PSF subfunctions for all k-space lines when the value of the movement of the patient does not exceed the respective threshold value; and
when the value of the movement does exceed the respective threshold value:
providing a number of bins corresponding to sequential value ranges of the patient movement in at least one motion direction,
assigning the k-space lines to the bins based on a value of the movement during the respective acquisition of the k-space line,
performing a calibration of PSF subfunctions for at least two bins on the basis of the k-space lines assigned to said bins, and
reconstructing an image by a Wave-CAIPI method in such a way that the PSF subfunctions associated with the assigned bins are used for the respective k-space lines.