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Device enrollment system and method
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1. A method comprising:
downloading, by a mobile device, an application;
installing, by the mobile device, the application on the mobile device;
receiving, by the mobile device, payment data;
downloading, by the mobile device, a verification token along with the application, wherein the verification token indicates that payment transactions conducted by the mobile device are to be processed as card present payment transactions by a server computer;
storing, by the mobile device, the verification token and the payment data;
requesting, by the mobile device, a card verification value through the application, the request including the verification token;
receiving, by the mobile device, an encrypted card verification value in response to requesting the card verification value;
decrypting, by the mobile device, the encrypted card verification value using a private key stored on the mobile device to obtain a decrypted card verification value;
transmitting, by the mobile device to an access device, the payment data and the decrypted card verification value during a payment transaction, wherein the payment transaction initiated by the mobile device qualifies as a card present transaction based on presence of the decrypted card verification value obtained in part using the verification token and despite missing data obtained from a chip during card present transactions; and
receiving, by the mobile device, an indicator indicating that the payment transaction is approved by the server computer.