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Garment life cycle tracking system and method
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1. A method of tracking a garment life cycle comprising the steps of:
a) providing a garment life cycle tracking system comprising:
i) a garment provider for providing a garment to a customer;
ii) said garment comprising a Radio Frequency Identification, RFID, device having a RFID identifier:
iii) an interactive electronic device configured to read said RFID identifier from the RFID device; and
iv) a database comprising life cycle data of said garment; wherein sad life cycle data of said garment is stored in the database;
b) said customer purchasing said garment from said garment provider;
c) said customer utilizing an interactive electronic device to read said RFID identifier;
d) said interactive device retrieving said life cycle data of said garment; and
e) said interactive device displaying to said customer the life cycle data of said garment on a display;
wherein the RFID device is a micro RFID device having a body portion;
wherein the RFID device is coupled to a thread and wherein said thread comprises a plurality of yarns and wherein the RFID device is configured between said yarns;
wherein the thread comprises a carbon nanotube having an outer diameter of no more than 1000 nm; and wherein the micro RFID device comprises said body portion and an antenna and wherein the carbon nanotube forms part of said antenna of the micro RFID device.