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Dynamic application programming interface (API) contract generation and conversion through microservice sidecars
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1. A method comprising:
intercepting, by a first sidecar of a first microservice, a first call by the first microservice to a first application programming interface (API) of a second microservice, wherein the first API is of a first API type of a plurality of API types and is specified by a first contract;
selecting, by the first sidecar, an API type of the plurality of API types; and
responsive to determining the selected API type differs from the first API type:
transforming, by the first sidecar, the first contract into a second contract specifying a second API of the selected API type corresponding to the first API; and
causing, by the first sidecar, a second sidecar of the second microservice to generate the second API and internally connect the second API to the first API by providing the second contract to the second sidecar.