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Storage array remote replication
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1. A method, comprising:
providing a host operating from a node cluster with an interface to a storage array, wherein the interface includes an application programming interface (API);
provisioning the API with access to one or more endpoints configured with access to one or more storage array resources;
configuring the API with one or more storage class operational parameters to issue instructions to the storage array via the one or more endpoints;
using the API and at least one of the one or more endpoints, enabling the host to:
discover a remote volume on the array corresponding to a host generated local volume,
discover a storage protection group,
create at least one new storage protection group, and
delete at least one storage protection group;
enabling the host to manage and monitor the storage array to perform one or more data replication services directly from the node cluster and via the interface; and
causing data replication services to be performed in response to instructions issued by the host directly from the node cluster and via the interface.