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Two-dimensional embedding of a hierarchical menu for easy navigation
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1. An apparatus for navigating a hierarchical electronic questionnaire, the apparatus comprising at least one electronic processor programmed to:
provide a user interface (UI) via which:
at least a portion of the hierarchical electronic questionnaire is presented on a display device represented as a tree-based questionnaire map with a plurality of nodes connected by a plurality of branches, the nodes of the plurality of nodes corresponding to questions;
a user input is received, via at least one user input device, indicative of a selection of at least one of the nodes; and
the question corresponding to the selected node is displayed and a user input indicative of an answer to the question corresponding to the selected node is received via the at least one user input device; and
populate one or more nodes other than the selected node based on the selected node and/or the answer to the question corresponding to the selected node, wherein the populating includes populating one or more nodes in branches of the tree-based questionnaire map other than a branch containing the selected node with the answer to the question corresponding to the selected node.