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Concurrent automatic adaptive storage of datasets in graph databases
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1. A method of managing digital entities in graph repositories and non-graph repositories, comprising:
storing one or more datasets in a non-graph data repository;
transforming the one or more datasets into one or more transformed datasets, including obtaining metadata for the one or more datasets;
storing the one or more transformed datasets in a graph data repository that is separate from the non-graph data repository;
electronically receiving a request to perform an analysis on a particular dataset;
initiating the analysis using both the non-graph data repository and the graph data repository;
responding to the request as responses from both the non-graph data repository and the graph data repository arrive,
the responses including a result set from the graph data repository as a set of nodes and edges and corresponding data source records from the non-graph data repository as column values,
wherein the method is performed using one or more digital electronic computers.