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Interacting with hierarchical clusters of video segments using a metadata search
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1. One or more computer storage media storing computer-useable instructions that, when used by one or more computing devices, cause the one or more computing devices to perform operations comprising:
accessing a hierarchical segmentation of a video timeline of a video, the hierarchical segmentation associating extracted metadata extracted from the video by one or more machine learning models with corresponding video segments defined by a first level of the hierarchical segmentation;
receiving, via a search bar of a user interface, an input identifying a textual search criterion;
executing a search of the extracted metadata using the textual search criterion to identify matching metadata segments of the extracted metadata and corresponding matching video segments of video segments defined by the first level of the hierarchical segmentation; and
causing the user interface to visually emphasize, on the video timeline, the corresponding matching video segments that are from the first level and correspond to the matching metadata segments that match the input in the search bar.