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Big-data view integration platform
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1. A non-transitory computer-readable medium storing instructions, that when executed by a processor of a computing device, cause the computing device to:
receive, at a first edge node of an integration platform, push-based data, pull-based data, and queue-based data from a plurality of platform services;
integrate, by the first edge node, the push-based data, the pull-based data, and the queue-based data into integration data having an enhanced integration format;
present, at a second edge node of the integration platform and via a guided user interface (GUI), a first data view of the integration data, the first data view including a first selectable icon representing a first incentive;
receive, at the first edge node, a first update on activities of users participating an incentive program;
update, by the first edge node and based on the first update, the integration data;
receive an input via the first selectable icon; and
based on the input, cause the GUI to initiate a first asynchronous call, via an application programming interface (API), to populate a second data view of the integration data, wherein the second data view includes:
a second selectable icon representing a second incentive, and
information indicative of the first update on the activities of the users participating the incentive program.