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Containerization and serverless thread implementation for processing objects
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1. A method of processing a snapshot, snapshot data of the snapshot stored into objects within one or more storage structures of an object store, wherein the snapshot is represented by an object format of the objects where the snapshot data is structured according to a snapshot file system tree structure, the method comprising:
in response to receiving an operation targeting the snapshot, implementing a wrapper controller to preprocess the operation for determining an amount of work to be performed by functionality being requested by the operation;
determining, by the wrapper controller, a number of data connector components to instantiate based upon the amount of work to be performed;
instantiating the number of data connector components as a plurality of data connector components instantiated as containers on-demand for processing the operation; and
independently processing different portions of the snapshot file system tree structure using different data connector components of the plurality of data connector components for parallel execution of the operation by the plurality of data connector components upon the objects.