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Varifocal system using hybrid tunable liquid crystal lenses
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1. A device, comprising:
a first-type liquid crystal (LC) lens configured to provide a first optical power that is variable in a first step resolution;
a second-type LC lens coupled with the first-type LC lens, and configured to provide a second optical power that is variable in a second step resolution; and
a linear-to-circular polarization converter disposed between the first-type LC lens and the second-type LC lens,
wherein the linear-to-circular polarization converter is configured to convert a linearly polarized light output from the first-type LC lens into a circularly polarized light propagating toward the second-type LC lens,
wherein the first step resolution is smaller than the second step resolution, and
wherein a total optical power of the device is a sum of the first optical power and the second optical power, and is variable in the first step resolution.