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Method for determining the quality of an imaging plate and imaging plate scanner therefor
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1. A method for determining quality of an imaging plate, the method comprising:
carrying out an exposure of the imaging plate;
carrying out a scan of the imaging plate in order to determine an image;
removing markings from the image to generate a preprocessed image;
determining a local signal-to-noise ratio for each pixel of a plurality of pixels of the preprocessed image using an associated averaging array comprising a local subset of the plurality of pixels;
marking a first subset of the plurality of pixels for which their local signal-to-noise ratios are below a threshold value;
carrying out an edge recognition on the preprocessed image;
marking a second subset of the plurality of pixels corresponding to recognized edges; and
calculating a quality value of the imaging plate using a ratio of the first and second subsets of marked pixels to the plurality of pixels of the preprocessed image.