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Echo-based focusing correction
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1. A system for focusing an ultrasound transducer, the system comprising:
an ultrasound transducer comprising a plurality of transducer elements for providing sonications to at least one target region; and
a controller configured to:
(a) cause the transducer to generate a plurality of sonications to the at least one target region;
(b) measure a reflection signal of each of the sonications off at least one transient acoustic reflector located in proximity to the at least one target region;
(c) select the measured reflection signals based at least in part on: (i) an amplitude ratio of processed signals associated with sets of consecutive measurements, (ii) a distance between the at least one of the t ransducer elements and the at least one target region, (iii)a noise level associated with the reflection signals, or (iv) consistency therebetween; and
(d) based at least in part on the selected reflection signals, adjust a parameter value associated with at least one of the transducer elements so as to improve an ultrasound focus at the target region.