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Inertial sensor sensing of vibration frequency
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1. A method for identifying a frequency of an external vibration by a microelectromechanical system (MEMS) inertial sensor, comprising:
generating, by processing circuitry of the MEMS inertial sensor, a frequency scan signal pattern comprising a plurality of periodic signal portions each having a test frequency;
sensing, by one or more sense electrodes of the inertial sensor, a movement of a proof mass of the inertial sensor over a period of time;
generating, by the processing circuitry of the inertial sensor, a sense signal based on the sensed movement of the proof mass over the period of time;
correlating, by the processing circuitry, the sense signal with the frequency scan signal pattern;
generating, by the processing circuitry, a plurality of correlation values based on the correlating, wherein each of the plurality of correlation values is based on a correlation of the sense signal with one of the plurality of periodic signal portions; and
identifying, by the processing circuitry, a frequency associated with the sense signal based on one or more of the generated plurality of correlation values.