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Testing optical fiber link continuity using OTDR backscattering patterns
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1. An OTDR method for testing a fiber link continuity of an optical fiber link connected at its remote end to a receive fiber, the method comprising:
receiving a backscattering pattern obtained from a pre-characterization of the receive fiber, said backscattering pattern being caused by fluctuations at least partly inherent from an optical fiber structure of said receive fiber and defines a signature of the receive fiber;
performing an OTDR acquisition toward the optical fiber link, wherein said OTDR acquisition is performed by propagating a test signal in the optical fiber link under test and detecting corresponding return light signal from the optical fiber link so as to obtain an OTDR trace representing backscattered and reflected light as a function of distance in the optical fiber link under test; and
searching in said OTDR trace for said backscattering pattern to determine if said OTDR trace comprises said backscattering pattern, wherein said signature is used to recognize said receive fiber in said OTDR trace;
wherein a link continuity is determined when said backscattering pattern is found in said OTDR trace.